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 Free Security Guard Training in NYC

Workforce1 Job Training Center makes it possible for qualified candidates

If you qualify, you may be eligible to receive free security guard training through Workforce1 program.

We accept Workforce1 vouchers administered by NYC Small Business Services.  Its goal is to help the unemployed gain skills and training for jobs in high demand sectors, like security guard services.  The program’s Individual Training Grant (ITG) pays for all required classes (plus license filing and fingerprinting processing fees) needed to obtain a New York State security guard license, a requirement for employment as a security guard.  The courses, given by licensed New York State security guard schools,  include:

8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Class.  An introductory course that is the "first step" in getting your license.  Upon successful completion, the student is given a certificate used to apply for a license.


16 Hour On the Job Training.  This 2-day class must be taken within 90 days following employment as a security guard.  It covers duties related to the specific job sites and needs of the employer.


Interested?   Here’s What You Need to Do

1.  Make Sure you meet minimum qualifications which include:

✓  18 years or older

✓ Be in the process of looking for a job

✓  Minimum High School diploma or equivalency

✓ Possess an up to date resume


2. Register in person at a Workforce1 Career Center

Career centers are located in the 5 boroughs.  After registering, you will take a skills test and meet with a career counselor.  Having the motivation and basic interviewing skills needed to land a job after completing coursework are big factors in awarding free training grants. Successful candidates are generally notified within 30 days.


3. Take the Required Training
If accepted,  you will receive a Wordforce1 Training Grant Voucher.  This can be used at any Workforce1 approved training school (Anpu Security Services is one) to cover the cost of the classes.  Generally, coursework must be completed within 2 weeks after the first course is taken.

Decisions are generally made within 30 days.  Successful candidates will be given a Workforce1 Training Grant Voucher, which you take to the school on the first day of class.

Good luck! Click here for more information.


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