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  • What is the first step in getting your New York State security license?
    The first step in getting your security license is obtaining security training. i. 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training- A general introductory course. You must complete this course and submit a copy of the certificate issued to you with your New York State security guard license application. ii. 16 Hour On-The-Job Training (OJT) - A course relevant to the duties of guards, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. You must complete this training within 90 days of employment as a security guard.
  • Do you offer online courses?
    Yes! We are approved by DCJS to teach the 8 hour pre-assignment, 16 hour OTJ, and annual courses virtually. We conduct the courses via Microsoft Teams.
  • Do you offer evening courses?
    Yes! We have a flexible schedule. If you would like to request a special date or time to take a course, please email at
  • I’ve completed security training, now what?"
    Once you’ve completed the security training, you’ll need to apply for the security license. Here are the steps: i. Get fingerprinted with Identogo: IdentoGO– use code 1545R1 (cost: $102) ii. Complete Security guard application: 1206-f-a.pdf ( (cost: $36) iii. *You must have a NYS drivers license or non-drivers ID to apply for a security license
  • Where can I find security jobs?
    You can do searches on employment sites (Monster, Indeed, etc.). You can search (security guard positions, full time security guard, part time security guard, etc)
  • How long is a security guard license good for?
    A Security Guard registration is good for two years. You are eligible to renew your license 90 days prior to your license expiration date. Your license expiration date is printed on the license.
  • How soon does a guard need to send his or her renewal form and $25 fee to the Department of State?
    A renewal is mailed to the guard 90 days prior to the expiration date. Guards must renew their registration by the expiration date of their current registration or they cannot work as a security guard. If their registration has not been renewed within 6 months after the expiration date of their current registration, they must re-apply and re-qualify.
  • How do I renew my security guard license?
    You would receive a renewal application in the mail. If you have not received one, email the Division of Licensing Services and request a form. Your email must include your full name, mailing address, license type, unique identification number and expiration date of your license.
  • Do I have to get more security guard training after the 8 and 16 hours?
    You are required to complete the 8 hour annual training each year after you become a security guard.
  • Is Anpu Security Services a certified training school?
    Yes, we are. You can confirm this here:
  • Can I submit a photo with my security guard application rather than the DMV ID#?
    No. ID cards are produced by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) using the image on file in its office. Individuals who do not have a current NYS photo driver license or non-driver ID card must go to a DMV office and have their photo taken (at no cost to them) before submitting their application to the Department of State.
  • What address do I mail the security guard application to?
    Completed applications should be mailed to: NYS Department of State, Division of Licensing Services PO Box 22052 Albany, NY 12201-2052
  • How do I maintain my security license?
    To maintain your security guard license you must complete an 8 hour training annually. Your license expires every 2 years; you must submit a renewal application. **if you do not renew your license within 6 months of its expiration, you will need to redo fingerprinting.
  • I do not live in New York, but I want to be a New York Security Guard. Can I do that?
    Yes, you can be a security guard in New York, even if you are not a NY resident. You will need to take the required courses, get fingerprinted in New York, and visit the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to get your picture taken.
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