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Who is Anpu?

Anpu is one of the oldest ancient Egypt deities during the dynasty of the Pharoahs. Anpu is the Egyptian name for Anubis, which is the Greek version. Anpu/Anubis is a protector/judge archetype within the Egyptian god mythology. 

His duty is to guide and protect the dead in the Underworld and weigh their heart. Much like Anpu/Anubis; NightLife Security Specialists guide and protect those that enter the nightlife realm.  They guide and protect patrons  from the many dangers of partying irresponsibly. Would you rather be protected and guided by a mere mortal, or a God? 


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 If you qualify, you may be eligible to receive free security guard training through Workforce1 program.

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We transform bouncers into Nightlife Security Specialists.

This popular course teaches new bouncers the ropes of the industry and provides established veterans with a practical refresher